Counting the Cost

I’m mulling over some conversations I had with friends last night at our team meeting. These team meetings are weekly gatherings with a group of people we have agreed to share our life with, our ups and downs, our victories and testimonies, and our struggles. And as we discussed afterwards the feelings of being overwhelmed, … More Counting the Cost

Can you see me here?

Today’s topic will be driving in Turkey. I just spent three months driving around America, where the lines are clearly defined. The rules are hard and fast, and those choosing not to abide by them will be hit or pulled over. It is so easy to drive in America, that a button exists on almost … More Can you see me here?

The one year hiatus

Almost an entire year gone. I made a decision necessary to my sanity to start writing again last year, but it lasted only a brief month. I have often thought of sitting down at my computer and processing life a bit, but something always stops me. Sometimes it’s the cries of my fighting children, sometimes … More The one year hiatus

Where am I now?

So after the countdown and all the packing, we finally arrived back in the land of milk and honey. It’s definitely a bigger transition than I thought it would be and I’m trying to figure out why. There’s the obvious choice, jet lag.  The 7 hour time change added to the 19 hours of travel … More Where am I now?